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New and Revised Website

I finally started working on the New and Revised website today. I found this website from someone we went to high school with. She is using for her website. It’s called: ~ Thanks Susan Sargent Sharp!
I have only been working on it for a couple of hours and I think it looks good. It’s short, sweet and gets the point across. There is still a lot of work that I need to put into it, but at least I have one up and going for alumni from the Class of 1985 to take a look at.
If anyone has any suggestions or pictures that they would like to add to the site, let me know.
Here is one of the messages on the Home page:

Upcoming News

25th-year Reunion Committee
The following alumni have volunteered to be a part of the Reunion Committee:

  • Jody Booher Liddell
  • Debra Brady
  • Don Delay
  • Sylvia Garza
  • Todd Johnson
  • Jane Hensley Reider
  • Amy Petrella Connolly
  • Jeff Tebo
  • Doug Tucker
  • Melonie Weigandt Camp
You will be contacted by one of the members of the Reunion Committee to get your current contact information and family pictures. We are trying to contact as many of our former classmates as we can to get a great turnout at our 25th-year Class Reunion in 2010.

We will post any new information regarding the reunion here and the other sites we use to pass along information to everyone. If you have any questions, please contact Sylvia Garza at


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Ainsworth High School Alumni Sites

Sorry if I missed anyone’s site. Just send me the link and I will get it posted.


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Ainsworth High School group on

An Ainsworth High School group has been created on Just another site for us to keep in touch with each other. We have over 25 people signed up so far. If you are already on Facebook, make sure you join the group.

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More Classmates Blogs and Websites

Here is another classmates website and blog:

Robert Detman

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Ainsworth Class of 1985 Alumni Group on Facebook

An Ainsworth Class of 1985 Alumni group has been created on

Just another site for us to keep in touch with each other.

Thanks, Sylvia

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What do you remember from school?

Since I have been working on the website ( and started the blog. Little things I remember from schools have been popping in my mind.

I think this one came from my aunt who works at an elementary school cafeteria. Does anyone remember the cookies from the cafeteria at Ainsworth? They had chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar with frosting cookies (those are the one’s that I remember). I loved those cookies. I think I got one every time I got lunch.

I would love to have one of those cookies today! They were so good. I’m sure they weren’t the healthiest of things for you.

So is there anything that pops in your mind from your years at school?

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Ainsworth High School Class of 1964 Website

1964 Spartan

This web site is very much an under construction site. If you have any pictures from any of your school years, awards, certificates, stories or anything else you would like to see on this site, please contact me by clicking on the email link below and sending me a message.

Gary Henderson Class of 1964

Just wanted to pass this website along for everyone else to take a look at.

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