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What was your Favorite TV Show from 1985

Looking back at the TV shows that were out in 1985 brings back fond memories.

Prime Time Schedule for 1984-1985

Take a look at the shows that were out in 1984-1985 and tell us what your favorite show was.

Here is mine: Knots Landing:

I can remember going over my friend’s house an watch Knots Landing. We would sit and eat popcorn and watch and she what was going to happen to Val and Gary. Wondering what kind of trouble Greg Sumner would be getting in. It was fun to watch and spending time with my friend.

So think back to 1985 and let us know what your favorite show was.

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Rick Springfield

Rock Springfield

(Picture from the 80’s)

Current Rick Springfield (Current picture)

OK, Gen-Xer’s, How many of you were in love with Rick Springfield aka Dr. Noah Drake??

This morning on the news, I heard that he was going to sing for the first time on General Hospital. But the part that made me sit up and take notice was that it mentioned that he was 58 years old. 58!! To say the least, I was a little shocked when they said that.

For me, Rick will always be forever young as in his picture above. “Jessie’s Girl“, will always be one of my favorite songs.

Why do our favorites grow old? Try to google one of your favorites from the 80’s.

You may be surprised on how they look now.


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Are You a Child of the 80s?

I love this list: Are You a Child of the 80s?

Looking back and seeing how many of thee things I had or did just cracks me up.

I got this list from

Read the list and see how many of them you remember.


Trapped between the “Baby Boomers” and “Generation Y” is a special generation … a generation we call “Children of the Eighties.” If you can identify with most of the 15 points below, chances are you are definitely one of them …

1. You owned a *real* Rubik’s cube.

2. One word: Izod.

3. You remember when MTV didn’t exist. Alternatively you remember when the M stood for Music, not Mundane.

4. “Alternative” music actually was…and not popular Top 40 tunes.

5. You were a “wanna be”. Madonna, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, etc.

6. “Where’s the beef?”

7. You know how to use a rotary phone.

8. Max Headroom was cool.

9. You know how (or wanted to be able) to Moonwalk!

10. Atari, IntelliVision, TelStar and Coleco were the ultimate gaming systems to own.

11. Leg warmers and headbands alá Pat Benatar once looked really cool to you.

12. You remember when Jordache jeans with a flat-handle comb in the back pocket was cool.

13. Jelly bracelets & shoes!

14. Your hair defied gravity.

15. You are still baffled by the “day glo” clothing trend.

So, are you a Child of the ’80s? You’re facing a long uphill culture battle to stay tuned-in to that great decade, so follow our advice:

* Never forget or deny your 80s heritage. Be sure to start most of your sentences with “Back in the 80s” or “When I was your age”…

* Spend a majority of your time in your late 20s & early 30s obsessing over how much better things were “back then”.

* Never let them see you sweat.

Read more about your shared cultural heritage with other Children of the Eighties in Bryant Adkins’ essay’Generation X’ call Me a Child “Don’t Call Me ‘Generation X’ call Me a Child of the Eighties”

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Top 25 Songs of 1985

I love my music from th 80’s. Here is a list of the Top 25 from The Eighties Club website. How many of them do you remember? And how many do you have in your collection? And how many of you still listen to them on a regular basis? (Me — 25 out of 25 on my iPod.)

1. “Careless Whisper”…..Wham!

2. “Say You, Say Me”…..Lionel Richie

3. “Separate Lives”…..Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin

4. “I Want To Know What Love Is”…..Foreigner

5. “Money For Nothing”…..Dire Straits

6. “We Are The World”…..USA for Africa

7. “Broken Wings”…..Mr. Mister

8. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”…..Tears for Fears

9. “The Power Of Love”…..Huey Lewis & The News

10. “We Built This City”…..Starship

11. “St. Elmo’s Fire”…..John Parr

12. “Can’t Fight This Feeling”…..REO Speedwagon

13. “Crazy For You”…..Madonna

14. “Easy Lover”…..Phillip Bailey & Phil Collins

15. “Everytime You Go Away”…..Paul Young

16. “Don’t You (Forget About Me):…..Simple Minds

17. “Take On Me”…..a-ha

18. “Party All The Time”…..Eddie Murphy

19. “Everything She Wants”…..Wham!

20. “Shout”…..Tears for Fears

21. “Alive and Kicking”…..Simple Minds

22. “I Miss You”…..Klymaxx

23. “Sea Of Love”…..Honeydrippers

24. “Cool It Now”…..New Edition

25. “Part-Time Lover”…..Stevie Wonder


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Hey, Hollywood … Try these next!


It’s nearly the middle of summer — Fourth of July weekend is upon us — and so our minds turn to the multiplexes across America, wondering: Where are the sequels that we REALLY want to see?

Bruce Willis has his latest version of Die Hard out, and Times film critic Steve Persall says it’s a throwback classic in his review. But isn’t that really a Christmas season movie? What we need are some good ole fashioned sequels to ’80s classics. I’m one step ahead of you.


Fast_times 10. Fast Times at Ridgemont High: I know 1984’s “The Wild Life” was sequel of sorts, but don’t you want to know what became of Jeff Spicoli after 25 years? I’m guessing he’s the shop teacher and runs the David Lee Roth page on MySpace. “People on ‘ludes should not drive.”

9. Beverly Hills Cop: It’s had two sorry sequels. But the original is the single source of power for the once-proud Eddie Murphy. And after “Norbit” and “Pluto Nash,” I think it’s time for Eddie to return to his roots. “Is this the gentleman who ruined the buffet at the Harrow club this morning?”

Caddyshack 8. Caddyshack: Please, somebody do something to remove the taste in our mouths after “Caddyshack 2.” Bring back Kenny Loggins for the title song. And let’s find out what happened to “Danny” (Michael O’Keefe). But please keep Bill Murray’s brother (Brian Doyle-Murray) running the caddyshack. “Pick up that blood!”

7. Valley Girl: A Nic Cage film that doesn’t involve explosions? Yeah, think waaay back to the 80s. My guess is that even Deborah Foreman (“Julie”) would come out of hiding to reprise her greatest role.”Yeah, but Tommy can be such a dork, ya know? Like he’s got the bod, but his brains are bad news.”

Breakfastclub 6. The Breakfast Club: Answer the question once and for all — what happens to the kids when they return to school on Monday? I’m hoping that writing a sequel is the real reason that director John Hughes has been laying low for so long. “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.”

5. Sixteen Candles: From all reports, a sequel to this classic almost did happen. But to truly find out what happened to Samantha (Molly Ringwald) and her dreamy boyfriend, you’ll have to rescue Michael Schoeffling (“Jake”) from his job making furniture in Pennsylvania. (Sadly, I’m not joking.) “Would you stop feeling sorry for yourself? It’s bad for your complexion.”

Victory 4. Victory: The ultimate soccer/war/escape movie of the ’80s. The only one in fact. I figure Sylvester Stallone can return — Rambo style — to free to rest of his fellow POW’s (and maybe organize a camp softball team to play against the Soviet national team for when the war is over). “This frigging game is ruining my life.”

3. War Games: I figure “David Lightman” (Matthew Broderick) could be running a huge software company these days, fighting the Justice Department over its business practices, hanging about rock stars and being named Time Magazine’s man of the year. Nah, too unrealistic. ” Is it a game… or is it real?”

Betteroffdead 2. Better Off Dead: One of the most underrated movies of the 80s can become the most overhyped sequel of our times, thanks to the star power of John Cusack. But unless they bring back Diane Franklin (“Monique”), Dan Schneider (“Ricky”) and Curtis Armstrong (“Charles”), we’re all better off dead. “Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.”

1. Blade Runner: I was screaming for a sequel before the credits even rolled on the original flick. Do Deckard and Rachael live happily ever after? Plus, Rutger Hauer and Sean Young could use the work. “I need ya, Deck. This is a bad one, the worst yet. I need the old blade runner, I need your magic.”

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