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Poetry from Mrs. DiGiacomo’s English Class

Got an e-mail from Mrs. DiGiacomo

Poetry written for Mrs. DiGiacomo’s English Class. When they were Freshmen in high school.

I will post a few, but if you would like to see the whole list, please e-mail at:

Thanks, Sylvia



Solid, cold,

Refreshing, tingling, melting,

A drop falls down.


By Shari Lurvy


I once had a scummy old friend

Who lived in a sloppy pig pen.

He never washed up

So he looked like a pup

And never was considered a ten.

By Derek Weyker


Free Verse


Let the bird out.

He wants to tell me a secret

He says it is really important,



By Mike Tobias

Thanks Mrs. D for saving this and letting me know you have it.




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What do you remember from school?

Since I have been working on the website ( and started the blog. Little things I remember from schools have been popping in my mind.

I think this one came from my aunt who works at an elementary school cafeteria. Does anyone remember the cookies from the cafeteria at Ainsworth? They had chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar with frosting cookies (those are the one’s that I remember). I loved those cookies. I think I got one every time I got lunch.

I would love to have one of those cookies today! They were so good. I’m sure they weren’t the healthiest of things for you.

So is there anything that pops in your mind from your years at school?

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