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Poetry from Mrs. DiGiacomo’s English Class

Got an e-mail from Mrs. DiGiacomo

Poetry written for Mrs. DiGiacomo’s English Class. When they were Freshmen in high school.

I will post a few, but if you would like to see the whole list, please e-mail at:

Thanks, Sylvia



Solid, cold,

Refreshing, tingling, melting,

A drop falls down.


By Shari Lurvy


I once had a scummy old friend

Who lived in a sloppy pig pen.

He never washed up

So he looked like a pup

And never was considered a ten.

By Derek Weyker


Free Verse


Let the bird out.

He wants to tell me a secret

He says it is really important,



By Mike Tobias

Thanks Mrs. D for saving this and letting me know you have it.




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