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Starting in April 2008, I will be posting messages on regarding the upcoming reunion in 2010.  Make sure you sign up with to get the information.

Information will as be posted on this site as well as the website:

And as always, if you would like to volunteer on the reunion committee, just let me know. I will be contacting you soon.

Thanks, Sylvia


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Where are they now?

There has been a list of people I have been wondering… Where are they now?

  • Bob Tewksbury
  • Andy Wysocki – Check out the comment from Andy
  • Alan Ross
  • Beth Nichols
  • Holly Coolish
  • Katie Siplon
  • Susie Sargent
  • Michelle Gentry
  • Ed Wilhelm
  • Debbie Blevins
  • Gracie Pacheco
  • Cheryl Gach – Check out the comment about Cheryl
  • Marie Mayer
  • Kim Somerlot
  • Kendra Wright

If you know where any of these people are, pass my information to them (my e-mail: so we can get in touch with them about the reunion and any upcoming events.

Or if there is someone you are wondering Where are they now?, post it on the blog and see if we can figure out where they are.

Thanks, Sylvia



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Looking for Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer in the planning of our 25th Class Reunion in 2010, please let me know.

I have a couple of names of people who have already notified me.

The more people we have helping out, the better the turn out. I think we should invite anyone else from Ainsworth who would like to attend. 

I will contact the volunteers on March 17th with more information on planning our reunion. 

Thanks, Sylvia

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Responses from 5.2.2007 E-mail

Well, I got about nine responses after I sent the e-mail out. So thanks to those people. I even got some from other people who went to Ainsworth.

If you are wondering why I have time to work on the website and the blog, it because I enjoy doing it. I have been working on the website since 2003. It started out with about five pages and it now has over 100 pages to it.

And the blog came about because the company where I work: ServerBeach (, WordPress is one of our customers. So I get a chance to see what kind of services our customers have to offer and  get the AHS community talking to each other.

So I hope more people will take a look at the blog and use it to pass along information.

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