Lori Zoll Pharr

0902_artdOur deepest sympathy to the Pharr and Zoll family of the loss of their beloved Lori. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. The memory of Lori will always be in our hearts.

A message from Lori Zoll Pharr’s father

Deb Upton Meyer received this e-mail from Lori Zoll Pharr (Class of 85) father today.

To all of Lori’s classmates. Lori’s earthly journey is over. God took one of his great servants home this afternoon. It is with a very heavy heart that this message goes to you all. Even though one of your classmates is gone from us heaven is so much richer. Lori is the kind of a girl that makes a guy very proud to say he is a father Only God and the love of our friends will ever fill the hole that is in Lori’s mothers and my heart. Please feel free to keep in contact with us. It will really help Josie and I. With our deepest gratitude, Blair

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