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Question of the Week — South Flint Plaza

Does anyone remember the South Flint Plaza on Fenton Road near Bristol? I am trying to remember what stores were in the mall in the 70’s and 80’s before Value City got there.

Some of the stores that I can remember are:

  • The Fair
  • Kresge
  • Hamady’s
  • Genesee Bank
  • Little Caesars
  • Baskin Robins

Does anyone remember any other stores that were in the mall?



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Do you Remember… The Friendly Frog

Do you remember The Friendly Frog that was in the Genesee Valley Shopping Center?

It was made by sculptor Marshall Frederick (1908-98) in 1970 for the Genesee Valley Mall. It is made of Terrazzo and Concrete weighing 6600 lbs.

The Friendly Frog

The Friendly Frog

The Friendly Frog’s first home was the Genesee Valley Shopping Center, which commissioned it in 1970 near the time of its opening. The frog’s richly textured surface and gracefully slanted back naturally invite climbing and sliding. Children strolling through Genesee Valley found it irresistible, but eventually the shopping mall decided to part with it. In 1986, Genesee Valley turned the frog over to the Children’s Museum, then housed at the North Bank Center in downtown Flint. The museum was able to put it on exhibit there, introducing it to a new generation of children. But when the Children’s Museum moved to its current quarters at 1602 West Third Avenue, the staff was advised that the floor would not sustain the weight. Carefully stored by Hank Fracalossi at C & S Motors since 1993, the sculpture was brought to Applewood in 2004.

Not sure why I was thinking about the frog? But do you remember that other attractions in the mall? The big fish aquariums and a big old bird cage going towards Hudson’s? How about the three-sided impression of a woman’s body? I even remember the entrance that we always went through… the stores that were at that entrance were Perry Drugs, Baker’s Shoes, Genesee Bank and Record Land (I think).

I remember thinking how huge that mall was when I was young, now look at big it is! How old does this picture make you feel? Doesn’t a hot pretzel from Hot Sam’s sound good tight about no




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Ainsworth Class of 1985 Alumni Group on Facebook

An Ainsworth Class of 1985 Alumni group has been created on

Just another site for us to keep in touch with each other.

Thanks, Sylvia

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Like A Virgin by Madonna

It cracks me up to think of the songs from 1985. Those songs will be with the Class of 85 FOREVER!!

I’ll admit it, I love listening to my music from the 80’s. But how can you not like these songs?

Top 100 Hits of 1985/Top 100 Songs of 1985

1. Careless Whisper – Wham!
2. Like A Virgin – Madonna
3. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham!
4. I Want To Know What Love Is – Foreigner
5. I Feel For You – Chaka Khan
6. Out Of Touch – Daryl Hall and John Oates
7. Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears
8. Money For Nothing – Dire Straits
9. Crazy For You – Madonna
10. Take On Me, A-Ha

Now imagine us at our 50-Year Class Reunion in 2035… Jeff Tebo is our DJ and then all of a sudden you hear Like A Virgin by Madonna. Will you be out there on the dance floor dancing to this song?

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