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The 80’s – The Music

Well Class of 1985, our 25th Reunion is in two years and I am already in the mood to find all things 80’s. And I really think the idea of having an All-80’s Reunion in 2010 is a great idea. (Inviting the other classes to attend our reunion.)

So here is a songs that I heard on my Sirius satellite radio when I was driving to San Marcos from San Antonio the other day. John Waite – ‘Change‘ from the Vision Quest album.

What songs were or are your favorite from the 80’s? List get a list together and we can play them at the reunion.

Remember, if you would like to help plan the reunion, let us know. Also we are looking for current contact information on everyone from the Class of 1985. And if you know anyone form the other 80’s classes, pass along the link to the blog so we can get them in the loop of what we are planning.



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Hello Class of 1985,

Just a note to let you know that the website is down for awhile. I am working to get it back online real soon. If you have any questions or want to add anything to it, please let me know. As, it you are a member of, I have created an event for you to respond to about the class reunion.

I can be reached at

Thanks, Sylvia

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Need Volunteers for Reunion Committee

If you would like to volunteer in the planning of our 25th Class Reunion in 2010, please let me know.

I have a couple of names of people who have already notified me.

The more people we have helping out, the better the turn out. I think we should invite anyone else from Ainsworth who would like to attend.

You can either contact Jeff Tebo at or Sylvia Garza at

I will contact the volunteers the end of July 2008 with more information on planning our reunion.

Thanks, Sylvia

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