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Grandparents from the Class of 1985

I recently posted a picture on the site that had Lori Zoll (now Pharr) in it. Then I get a blog posting from her telling me that she is a GRANDMOTHER. So after I pick myself off the floor after reading that, I was wondering who else from the Class of 1985 are grandparents.

Lori and Gene Pharr with Grand Daughter Caroline

Lori and Gene Pharr with Grand Daughter Caroline

Lori Stone’s Grandson, Brayden

Lori Stone’s Grandson, Brayden

I know most, if not all of us have entered our 40’s. I was prepared for that milestone in our lives, but people I went to school with becoming grandparents… Yikes!

So let’s see how many grandparents are out there. And if you want, you can send me a picture of your pride and joy and I’ll get it on the website. Send pictures to:

Thanks, Sylvia

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Looking for Pictures

Until the 25th Class Reunion, I will be bugging everyone for pictures, stories and anything we can use for the reunion. To get everyone started, here is a picture from our past.

Picture from Deb Meyer

So if you have any pictures from Van Slyke, Dillon, Fenton Lawn, Carman Park, Mandeville or Ainsworth, please send them to me at


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What was your Favorite TV Show from 1985

Looking back at the TV shows that were out in 1985 brings back fond memories.

Prime Time Schedule for 1984-1985

Take a look at the shows that were out in 1984-1985 and tell us what your favorite show was.

Here is mine: Knots Landing:

I can remember going over my friend’s house an watch Knots Landing. We would sit and eat popcorn and watch and she what was going to happen to Val and Gary. Wondering what kind of trouble Greg Sumner would be getting in. It was fun to watch and spending time with my friend.

So think back to 1985 and let us know what your favorite show was.

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